Not in America???

Here is a clip from one of Ken Ham’s recent blog entries:  ( you can see his bloghere for the pictures)

As part of my presentations in the UK, I showed the audience a number of photographs of churches in the UK that were now turned into facilities like the following: tattoo and piercing studio (photo 1); nightclub (photo 2); habitat shop (photo 3). This has happened all across the UK and all across Europe (hundreds and hundreds of times). The church by and large is a relic from the past in Europe and the UK—and I explained to them that compromise with millions of years/evolution had led to the demise of the church—biblical authority was compromised, and thus, biblical authority has been basically lost from the culture.

Now you may say that things like this will never happen in America where this country was founded on the Bible and it’s principles.  Two things come to mind.  After being in Boston and seeing that most churches there are Unitarian (the religion where anything goes),  and Ted Kennedy is one of the Senators in that same state where the first of the Reformers set foot in this country…I believe it could happen. 

One more thought.  Shane’s mom was an outspoken speaker against ERA in the 70’s.  She worked with Phyllis Schafley and was on several radio shows and a picture of her was even in an old textbook.  Shane’s Grandma recently gave him so old cassette tapes, on one of these is recorded an interview with a former radio host in Kansas City.  Shane’s Mom and another lady are telling this guy that if ERA passes, we’ll have homosexual’s wanting to get married in the future.  He thought they were absurd…



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