Guru’s and Begging

Here’s the post I was talking about writing.  It may step on toes as I certain both of these topics are topics that people either love or hate….well, here goes

I have been pondering these two subjects for some time.  They are both about money, so I guess they relate. 

It seems nearly everywhere I go I hear Dave Ramsey this and Dave Ramsey that.  I am bothered.  Churches everywhere are using his materials for Sunday school classes. The same thing happened with Dr. Phil a few years ago and Oprah before that.  A while back, I had heard of a church that was planning to use one of  Dr. Laura’s books for Bible study class (and it wasn’t the one on the 10 commandments).  I think it was 10 stupid things women do to mess up their lives   Many Christians still talk non-stop about Dr. Phil and for that matter Oprah.  Who are they??  From what I know that are not believers in the Christ as the only way of salvation. And yet, we take their advice like it is the Holy Scriptures. 

  My question—who are we to worship???  Jesus Christ the true and living God or Oprah, Dr. Phil or Dave Ramsey??? 


From my understanding, Mr. Ramsey advocates keeping track of nearly every penny that is spent.  In my opinion, this is way too much focus on the money.  Please don’t misunderstand me, I think budgets in and of themselves are a good thing.  Shane has us on one, but if I go over a little, it’s not a big deal and we don’t focus on it.  If I go under, I have a party 🙂  If there is something that we want/need and we find the best deal going, we might go ahead and buy it even though it isn’t in the budget. 

BTW, I am not saying that Mr. Ramsey doesn’t have good ideas.  I’m sure he does.  I am saying that I’m hearing more about Dave Ramsey than I am about Jesus from many Christians lately. 

Next… begging. 

Anyone seen these new websites? “$1 adoptions”?  I don’t want to link to any of them because I don’t want to embarrass people or single them out.   For those of you that haven’t seen them they are websites that a family creates telling about their adoption and then asking for a $1 donation towards their adoption.  Sounds great on the surface, but what these people are really doing is begging.  

Anybody ever hear of George Mueller?  He was the Christian man who cared for several hundred orphans in his lifetime and never once asked anyone but God the Father Almighty for a penny.  He took his every request and laid it at the feet of the Father.  And the Father provided in mighty ways.  And it wasn’t from people donating $1 here and $1 there. 

We just completed our 4th adoption a few months ago.  We did not have $14,000 laying around to adopt our precious daughter. 


 We did receive some donations, unsolicited.  We went into DEBT (whoa—don’t tell Dave Ramsey hehe) and will be paying the adoption off for some time to come.  Personally, I would much rather go into debt that to beg for money to bring a child home. 

Stepping off the toes now…


2 thoughts on “Guru’s and Begging

  1. Ok.. I’d finally came..hehe

    I used to watch these people regularly and I thought they sounded so good! That was before I have a much busier internet I didn’t missed anything, I think. And oh.. I just realized I have that 10 things women do to mess up their lives.. haha! I think I got these box of so called self-help books, not for me to read as they never really interest me but thought of selling it on ebay. A year later it’s still sitting here! Glad you mentioned it, I will take it with me to Flea Market on Saturday for selling.

    Your blog is very girly =) Hugs.. Melanie <


  2. Hi. Overall I think we agree on a lot, but I just wanted to challenge you with my training in scripture (also a Bible college grad, homeschooled my whole life, and raised in a strong Christian home.)
    1. I totally agree with you on the “people worship” part. That really bothers me too. Are we so lame as believers that we have to turn to unsaved people for advice on how to live right? Scary!
    2. I agree with you on the money thing as well.
    3. Okay, here is where I have some questions. First of all, the Bible does not say anything about asking someone for help, but it DOES say to not go into debt. You just said you’d rather go into debt than “beg”. That sounds unbiblical to me. Well I personally would not do a “$1 adoption”, I do not think it is wrong. I think it is a matter of how God is leading your particular family. Remember, God askes a lot of people to give (and maybe never adopt) and $1 adoption is a way for them to do so conveniently and privately. Of course, ideally the body of Christ should be so tightly knit this wouldn’t be an issue, but we are not living in an ideal world.
    2. The story of George Muellar is amazing. I love reading about the work God did through him. But he was also just one person who God was working through, and is not a character in the Bible whose example we are commanded to follow. Because I don’t believe there are any passages in the Bible that discuss not asking for things, I believe God leads individuals how to act in each situation, or principles for their whole life. Some times I have felt led to ask (send out support letters), other times I have felt it was right to not say anything. Which leads me to my final point: What are missionaries supposed to do if the can’t raise support (“beg”). Perhaps you believe that a missionary’s home church should support them entirely, and that would make sense. But do you really believe it is wrong for a believer to request financial assistance in all situations?


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