I’ve MIssed You All

Would you believe we Shane finally got this figured out???  I should have asked him to post the wordpress addy 2 weeks ago.  I have so much to say and not much time as it’s late, my Mom is visiting from TN and I’m tired.  Shane called our ISP back a few minutes ago and they discovered that their server wasn’t communicating with HSB– go figure that one.  They changed the dial in number and up came HSB.  Just like magic. 

I am going to post something that I had written to post 2 weeks ago.  It may be somewhat controversial, but since when have I avoided controversial topics?? 

I also want to tell y’all about my dulcimer class Saturday.  It was so sad I was playing the blues and but then I cheered up and boogied.  I took a beginners class with Gary GallierListen to him here.  Of course the sound files here are not blues or boogie, but very beautiful.   I am so clueless that I didn’t even know that he played blues and boogie on his dulcimer– yes, you read that right– the blues and boogie on the mountain dulcimer.  Gary is a national champion dulcimer player and actually builds them too –oh how pretty and what a sweet tone his had.  I’m having dulcimer envy, but I better play my little plywood dulcimer more often before I can even think of justifying a nicer one. 

Nervous– little ole me who cried at the last dulcimer class I went to because the instructor went way to fast for this musically challenged wanna be dulcimer player.  I was SO afraid it was going to be a repeat, but, Gary was so very nice and patient.  We actually only went over 3 sheets of music during the 2 hour class, but I have several things to keep me busy for a while. 

He and his brother gave a concert Saturday night too, unfortunately,  we couldn’t go, sure would have loved to though… maybe next time. 

At the dinner table tonight.  Sweet Cheeks was calling everyone Bubba.  We pointed to each person, “who’s that?” “bubba” even Daddy was “bubba” of course everytime she did it we laughed, so of course she did it even more.  What a ham…oh are we in trouble her and Bubba are cut from the same cloth. 

She started singing the words to “Jesus Loves the Little Children” but will only do it when nobody is listening– so cute. 

So glad to be back!!!! Did I tell ya I missed y’all???