I have been pondering how intelligent we really are… I mean we have people all over the world telling themselves they are “God.” After visiting the Creation Museum earlier this year and watching the show in the planetarium, I can tell you, these people have nothing on God.  I am amazed that people can even say this… for example, think about how amazing our very bodies are… how could anything but a Creator have figured out how to put 30 something feet of intestines in a 5′4″woman???

Part of the reason we think we’re so smart is because we have all this technology… just a few short years ago we couldn’t even get to the moon; couldn’t explore cyberspace (was their even cyberspace 50 years ago?),  T.V’s are a fairly new invention, automobiles too.  Which brings me to the point of this entire post…

Our MPV mini-van.  It has all these fancy sensors, computer chips, regulators, power motors, etc.  When Henry Ford designed the first car, it was a simple machine.  For that matter, when I was growing up it wasn’t no big thing to change out a window knob, or even a master cylinder.  If something broke it didn’t take rocket science to figure out was was wrong with the car.  No fancy regulators, the power window motor would have been the problem.  A few months ago, our van stopped running.  At one time that would have meant the fuel pump had gone out; not any more.  It ended up being some  fancy expensive computer part and the fuel pump.  Last night, my driver’s side car window stopped working (of course it was stuck in the down position and there was rain in the forecast).  No big thing right?? WRONG! It could be the motor or it could be some other part, or it could be both.  This makes the repair bill anywhere from $200 to around $500.  For now, it cost $95 at the Mazda dealer to get it up. s So, for now if you see some crazy lady in the Kansas City metro, sitting in an MPV at a McDonald’s or Starbucks drive-thru with the door open instead using the window– you’ll know why.  $500 bucks is is not in our budget right now (for that fact, neither is $200) so we wait…

So tell me, if we’re so smart, why do we build cars that needs a diagnostic tool (at the tune of anywhere between $50 and $100) to tell us why the “check engine” light is on…and the gas cap is loose? 

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