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I’m playing around with font and colors etc.  We’ll see where this takes us…

I thought I would introduce the links on my sidebar–so far.  I’m sure there are others I’ll add later but for now.

Ambleside Online— our home-school curriculum.  We have changed some things that are not in line with our Biblical worldview but for the most part AO fits our family to a “T” We are a family of readers.  Most often you can find one or more of us curled up somewhere with a good book. 

Above Rubies  Nancy Campbell is such a Godly woman– a true Titus 2 woman and one of my heroes.  She offers a FREE magazine subscription.  If you don’t already subscribe, go sign up now.  It’s full of articles to encourage us women to be the women that God intended us to be. 

Answers In Genesis and the Creation Museum  Websites that teach the Biblical account of creation.  The CM was a dream that God allowed Ken Ham (a bona fide creationist that is a scientist too)  to make a reality.  The museum is fantastic— Go if you’re ever in the Cincinnati area.  You will not be disappointed.   I sure wish we lived closer, we’d visit every month!

Vision Forum a website with teaching boys to be men and girls to be ladies in mind.  They encourage family integrated churches, and wholesome movies.   Their sister site offers great products to teach Godly values, and encourage boys to be boys and girls to be girls.   Sign up for their mailing list and you’ll get emails about specials and coupons periodically. 

Last but not least,   Bott Radio Network.  Shane’s place of employment.  But it is truly more than a “job” it is a ministry opportunity.  You can listen online, or find a station near you.  BRN is expanding by leaps and bounds.  They have stations from the east to the west coast.  BRN is dedicated to getting Biblical truths on the airwaves!

Well, that’s all for now. 


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