Short Intro for Those Who Don’t Know

Since I cannot seem to get to my HSB archives, I thought I’d give a brief (hahahahaha) intro to those that might find my blog and not know me.  By the way, if you want to check out my archives they are at  You can probably see them even though I can’t 🙂

My husband Shane was homeschooled from the 4th grade, he had  been in a Christian school before then, but then siblings came along…Of course we homeschool our children.  Is there any other way????

After I lived most of my life in the world, Shane courted me.  My first real kiss from him was AFTER we were married.  I didn’t know how to handle a man that totally respected me.   To the point that one evening I told him that he couldn’t love me if he didn’t kiss me, and then I hung up the phone… it took me about 3 minutes to realize how STUPID that was, so I called him back, blubbering like the fool that I was…

We were marred a few months later.  Now we have 4 beautiful adopted children (all of their stories are on the HSB blog). 

Sweet Cheeks story unfolded on HSB.  She’s only been home for about 9 months now.  She is 21 months old now.  She almost starved to death in Liberia and is a beautiful, fun “baby girl” that is full of energy and life now.  You’d never know that she was within days of death a few months ago. 

Little Bit is 6, he came to us from New Jersey at the age of 3. After having spent his entire life to that point in state’s custody.  He has by far been our most difficult child.  We’ve dealt with all day yelling matches, poop smeared on the walls, lies, lies and more lies.  But the farther from his coming home day, the more adjusted he gets.  He loves to run and is very fast… faster than children bigger than him. 

Bubba turned 8 in September.  He is our funny, funny boy.  And has enough energy for all of us.  He is the only child that we’ve had from birth.  He spent nearly 2 weeks in NICU for underdeveloped lungs.  But you’d never know it 🙂 

Princess is 11, she came home at 18 months and is a sweet, sweet young lady.  She’s everything that encompasses a little girl. 

We also have 2 (almost 3 dogs) a western painted turtle, 20 some odd chickens and assorted lizards, frogs, etc.  living on our mini-farm.  We live on 6 acres in the country…moved her nearly 4 years ago and love almost every minute of it.  Ususally the minutes we don’t love involve farmwork in the rain.  Which it happens to be doing today. 

Let’s see… assorted trivia.  Shane was 20 when we married, I was 29.  He was raised in a Christian home, I was not.  He’s put up with a lot of baggage from my sinful lifestyle before God called me and saved me. 

Sometimes we forget that our children don’t look like us 🙂

Shane works for Bott Radio network.  He sells “air”  and says he has a voice for newspapers when asked if he’s on the radio.  .  Check it out,  It is filled with good solid Bible teaching.  Gotta love it! 

My hobbies include, crocheting, learning the mountain dulcimer, and teaching my children (not sure that’s a hobby, but that’s were most of my time goes). 

We are unashamedly Bible believing Christians.  We love God’s word and are forever grateful for the sacrifice the Father made in sending his Son to earth to die a horribly cruel death on the cross so those whom He calls can live eternally in Heaven, praising and worshipping the Creator of the universe for all of time.