This is Gonna Take Work!

I am still randomly getting my HSB blogger to come up at home.  Which means I cannot comment on any HSB blogs –drats! And I cannot move my archives, which means if I can’t get on for an extended time, Shane will have to copy them while he’s on hold (waiting for prospective clients) so I can post them here.

And of course I have to figure out how to get my friends list here, my sidebar stuff (not much as I’m computer stupid and didn’t have a lot of stuff there).  But maybe I’ll figure out how to put up more– wouldn’t that be fun. 

Here’s a funny:

Daddy is talking to Bubba about how much work being a Daddy is… apparently Bubba said he thought he could be a better Daddy and wanted to try the job for a day.  After Shane explained everything that he had to do from his duties at work to coming home to broken ceramic roosters and driver side electric window motors (yes, my van and it’s raining cats and dogs today) and assorted other things, and spanked children when they discovered them reading in bed, putting chickens to bed (until we’re sure the snake is hibernating) Bubba starts singing “I’ll never grow up”  This is life with Bubba.  I cannot remember every funny thing he says or does.  Wish I could…


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