A Great Day

Yesterday was such a wonderful day.  Worship service was very uplifting and touching.  The Spirit of God was definately present.  The lesson was very interesting.  Pastor Ward preached about the “Temple” (we are in a sermon series about the Holy Spirit).  He spoke about how the temple spoken of in Zechariah is not the temple in Jerusalem, but that “WE are the temple built by the Spirit”

 The temple is God’s people and the Holy Spirit is “building” us day by day.  God dwells in our temple… what a great thought.  He quoted Zech 4:6 “Not by might, not by power, but by my Spirit says the Lord of hosts.” 

Of course that brought to mind the folly of my humanness, and how ashamed I am of my sinfulness… how painful it is to think about God’s temple being filled with my sin! 

Pastor also gave us our job.  Eph 1:18 “know the hope” Pastor gave us a vocational calling, as he put it, to serve God in his temple.  Seek the glory of God and share it with others.  What a wonderful vocation we, as Christians, have.   Do you share your glory with others?

Then class was very interesting.  We are studying Isaiah– the long way.  We’ve taken related detours along the way, our discussion on mercy was fantastic.   

Have you heard of the group “CUFI” it stands for “Citizens United for Israel”  apparently this is an activist group headed by John Hagee, this group is calling for the bombing of Iran because they pose a threat to Israel.   I was appalled to hear that believers are actually calling for the destruction of a people– I won’t get into all the “pre,””post” and “a” millennium discussion, but suffice it to say that this group comes from an extreme (at least I pray it’s extreme) pre-mellinial mindset.  For those of you that are pre-mellinial, please study it further.  God has unfolded his mystery.  In Eph. 3:6  Paul says “This mystery is that the Gentiles are fellow heirs, members of the same body and partakers of the promise in Christ Jesus through the gospel”  (esv). 

The church is not “plan B” it always was God’s plan… it is the prophesied in the Old Testament.  (I was greived and in shock to hear that some people actually believe that the “church” is not spoken of or prophesied about in the OT at all).  That God designed the church after Christ was on the earth… please if this is your view I beg you to reconsider… to read without bias. 

For the record.  We hold an a-mellenial view, meaning that we believe that most of Revelation has been fulfilled.  I know it’s not the “popular” position but since when have I “tried” to be popular.  

Then we had ladies fellowship last night.  Shane dropped me off early at one of the ladies house and we had a nice time together, and ladies fellowship was fun.  Sherri brought a hymnal and asked us to share our favorite hymns… then we talked about the morning lesson, and class and other assorted things.  Then about weddings.  One of the couples at church is getting married next summer (the sweetest couple ever).  Bubba is VERY excited and Christy calls him “their biggest fan” last summer, a year ago, Bubba went to Tim and asked him if they we’re going to get married.  (I’m not even certain they were courting at that time). 

Shane and the children went to a church of Christ gathering.  (good for family relations, you know).  Funny he said the preaching sounded very reformed — not very armenian.   This man is a Dean at a church of Christ college so it was very interesting to hear this.  He also said they ran into several old acquaintances– that’s always nice. 

One a side note… I took Bubba’s Afghan with me, that I’ve only been working on for 3 years, and finished it  He slept with it on his bed last night.  Yippee!!!!! Now I can move on to some other crocheting projects.  Like washcloths for Christmas gifts and a snood just for fun.   I can hardly wait…


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  1. HI!!! I found you:-) the link doesn’t work from your HSB site, well it didn’t for me, so I copied it and here I am. Sounds like you all are doing great. Hope you can still stop by and read my blog. All is well with us now that we are in the USA, but just for a few months.


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