Horses and Mice

Last night, Princess and I took our horseback riding lesson.  The last time I rode (a few weeks ago) my horse was acting funny, kind of bucking her head and walking funny.  I ended up getting off after about 15 minutes.   We checked her saddle and it was fine, so I didn’t get back on… fast forward 3, maybe 4 weeks to last night.  Through no fault of my own, I had not ridden since that night.  I wanted to ride again, but one night it had rained and was too wet to ride, another night our instructor worked with Princess on sitting properly in the saddle, another night we did something else…  you know, things come up. 

So last night, I really didn’t think I’d be that nervous about getting back on Sandy.  Didn’t even give it much thought through the day, except that I was looking forward to riding again.   After all, it’s “just a horse” right?  Wrong!  I ended up being more nervous than I thought I would be.  Even as I was grooming Sandy I was thinking about getting on her and wondering if she would act okay.  Deep down I knew she would.  While we were there last week, someone else was riding her and she was doing fine.  But still…

I was nervous, and Sandy knew it.   I was doing almost everything wrong.  She challenged me but in the end, I won.    There were a couple of times I thought about getting off and being done with horses.  But I couldn’t do that– I had to win.   As we were coming home, I was thinking about how big God is, and how big the universe is.  Then I thought about how I was afraid because this 800 pound horse could have pummelled me to the ground if she had wanted.  A horse.  Really not that big compared to even a car, or a tree.  Then I wondered if the people that think they can be “god” had ever ridden a horse???

This morning, I had the opposite thought.  We live in the country.  We have mice.  It’s just a fact of country life.  Especially since we can’t have a cat.  Shane is allergic and gets miserable around them.  We could have a barn cat, but not sure how the choco lab would like him.  So we have mice. 

I was thinking about how small a mouse is compared to us.  Yet that little mouse can terrorize our homes. Making noise in the night, chewing through walls, leaving little presents in the worst places.  Compared to a mouse, we are giants.  Yet, it is very hard and sometimes frustrating to deal with a mouse.  Muchless catch the little booger.  God’s sense of humor sure is strange…