One more post Halloween

This came through on one of my homeschooling yahoo group lists this morning.  Now tell me… if it’s not “Halloween” related then why have it so close to Halloween.  (yes, I know the obvious– more costumes at this time of year to choose from) but doesn’t a “costume party” near Halloween look like a Halloween party?   I won’t even mention my thoughts on using it to bribe the children to get their schoolwork done, or thoughts on “making it fun “for the children.”

Oh…unless of course it’s a reformation day party.  Dressing up like the reformers could be fun 🙂

 It’s a costume party at

Home School Skating!!

Next Thursday, Oct. 25th
(specific location information removed for privacy sake)

Please join us for fun and prizes!

You do not have to dress up to join us, it’s just for fun and a great incentive to motivate your children to get their school work done.

What to bring – Snacks to share, and really cool costumes. This of course is optional. You can join us even if you don’t bring anything or have a costume.

Special – Mrs. Becky will be doing free face painting

No evil, demonic or seductive costumes allowed. This is not Halloween related. It is just a costume party

There will be a costume contest for each age group, moms included. We will award prizes which include free passes. Moms can win a free pass for the whole family! Please invite your friends and make this a blast for our children.