Remote Controls and Bananas

You might be wondering what these two things have in common.  If I didn’t know, I would sure be wondering. Two words… Sweet Cheeks and the  trash can  You see we live in the country so much of our trash goes in our second trash can ( to be burned out back in the burn barrel). 

Recently, Sweet Cheeks has discovered how fun it is to put things in the trash can.

A couple of weeks ago, we looked everywhere for the remote control for the TV (gotta have it to watch a movie).  I mean we turned the house upside down.  Couldn’t find it anywhere.  I even looked online to see how much ordering a new one would be, $20.  Yikes.  But Shane took the trash out to be burned  that night and found it in the trash can. 

Today, Little Bit asked for a banana.  I turned around to get him one on the counter where they were supposed to be.  They weren’t there.  I called Shane and asked if he had seen them. “no”  So I asked him to get some more.  Shane burned the trash tonight.  Apparently SC’s high chair was to close to the counter…

 Banana Bread anyone?????

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