Well I guess it’s that time…

I honestly don’t know if anyone is reading my blog since I moved from Homeschoolblogger.  Honestly, it just doesn’t feel the same writing on wordpress as it did on HSB.  HSB is a community of mainly like-minded people with similar goals getting to know one another.  This feels like a hodgepodge of people writing blogs.  But since I haven’t been able to get on HSB for my archives I guess I need to write an intro post.  So here goes:

Shane and I have been married 13 years.  We met in college at a conservative Christian University when I was 27 and he was 18.  We did not date, we courted.  I had never had an experience like that before the fact that I hung the phone up on him one night because he wouldn’t kiss me has becoming a running joke in the family.  🙂 

The night I met Shane, he was wearing a t-shirt that had a list of all these famous people including Abe Lincoln,  and Albert Einstein “and me”.  I asked him “the question” “so what do all those people and you have in common?”

It was there that I learned about homeschooling. 

We were aquaitances, then I spent the next summer in the Memphis inner city doing mission work with a church there.  And the Lord grew me in mighty ways that summer.  Shane belonged to what we lovingly referred to then as “the hoe-down church” they had an overhead projector with their songs on it (before powerpoint) and clapped their hands during worship.   I knew he’d be the only person on campus that would understand where God had grown me over the summer.  So I wrote him a letter that summer and told him about it.  I signed it with a little heart (the way I signed all my notes back then) and his little brother and sister thought that was “a sign” apparently it was 🙂

We spent long hours sitting on a swing on campus that fall, visiting about all sorts of things.  We were best friends.  But certainly were not dating, although the entire campus thought otherwise.  Then we started talking about it and Shane mentioned this crazy idea of courtship.  It sounded good to me, except for the one incident of hanging up the phone on him when he “didn’t love me enough to kiss me”   Shane did nothing more than a little peck on the lips a handful of times and mostly kissing my forehead before we were married.  

He did not really kiss me until we were married. 

Having lived in the world most of my life I had never experienced that before.  It was totally different than having men in my life that totally disrespected me.  Shane truly did (and does) love me. 

He was 20 and I was 29 when we married. 🙂 


2 thoughts on “Well I guess it’s that time…

  1. Just thinking about you and thought I would leave a note. 🙂
    How neat that you wrote about you & Shane. My friend Michael & I started courting 2 months ago Friday. It’s quite the experience. 🙂
    I can’t wait to see you again, only a couple more weeks!
    With love,


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