HSB Comments

Since I can’t seem to even log in or read HSB blogs except on my Google Reader, I thought I’d leave comments here for a couple of people.  Don’t even know if you’re reading me here but I’ll feel better. 

Kay in Maine  mentioned going to Plymouth, MA with her family recently.   I recognized the picture immediately before I even read it.  That was one of our favorite places when we visited MA in September.  How in the world did you get a picture with one of the men? 

One of Lynan’s recent posts was about essentials in worship.  She talked about having communion weekly.  This is also our preference.  And I greatly miss it at our new church home.  They have communion once a month.  While I somewhat understand their position (they say that the early church had a meal with communion and they have fellowship meal the first Sunday along with communion) I still miss having communion weekly.  Lynan, you are right.  One never tires of taking communion weekly.  It is a practice too many churches skip altogether.  Unfortunately, churches practicing weekly communion are few and far between.  Even though that was high on our priority list when searching, it ended up getting put at the bottom.  Our choices that offer weekly communion were Reformed Presbyterian (studied infant baptism, but didn’t end up agreeing with it), Church of Christ (what we were, but arent’ anymore), and Catholic (not even gonna touch that one).  So we had to compromise… but it doesn’t mean I have to like it. 

Deanna (Panshrmu)  I’m reading you!!!! I wish you were going to be in the midwest.  Would love to meet you and your family. 

There were a couple of other things too, but I had to reboot my computer and now can’t remember.  I am reading all my friends blogs on HSB even though I can’t comment. 

Marsha, I miss ya.  Hurry up and get settled in your new abode so you can start blogging again.  🙂