I can’t believe I did that

A couple of weeks ago, one of my bestest friends called with a favor.  She had gotten her mom a yorkie-poo (or yorkie doodle for those that want a slightly more masculine name) while she was visiting a few weeks before.  In the meantime her mom decided that having a puppy was a lot of work and didn’t want the responsibility (who can blame her, puppies are ALOT of work).  So Kellie called asking if we would like the puppy.  She would bring it back from GA when she visited, etc. etc. etc.  I have loved Yorkies since my (then Aunt) and Uncle had one many years ago.  I called Shane, expecting him to say no, but he said yes.  (and without much convincing) So this past Sunday we brought home Chloe.  If the 3 of you that are now reading this blog are wondering, she looks more Yorkie than Doodle. 

Bubba (8 y/o boy) had aquired a western painted turtle a few months ago.  Boy does he STINK. He is also a lot of work, and expensive to feed.  No matter what anyone tells you crickets at the petstore are NOT cheap.   Note to self and anyone else:  water turtles are nasty and stinky.  Don’t do it!!! 

We had been trying for weeks to convince Bubba that “turtle” (he never named it) needed to go back to the wild.  Nothing convinced  him, until, in one of my late night thoughts, I got it!  We’d offer to trade the turtle for a different kind of creature.   Needless to say Bubba LOVED the idea.  We decided a hamster would be a good choice.  That day I found a hamster cage on craigslist for $5 and Shane happened to be getting his oil changed close to where it was the next day.  And I found a FREE albino hamster (on craigslist) near where he works.  (Who says God doesn’t care about the tiniest things?)  We had not had her home for 5 minutes and Bubba named her Laura.  Bubba is our name giver, so this meant she belonged… unlike “turtle” who never had a name….

This little gal is the sweetest.  Bubba has a Jonah boat (he’s had for years and now uses with his castle) that he puts her in a pushes her all over the house.  “Captain Laura” seems to enjoy herself and Bubba’s having the time of his life. 

So in less than a week we’ve added a hamster named Laura and a 13 week Yorkie Doodle named Chloe to our home.  That makes the count 4 children, 3 dogs, 1 hamster, 20ish chickens and 2 turkeys (they have a new home next week, yippee!!!!!).  Would you believe that Shane mentioned that he is considering a Manx cat at some point???(he’s heard their dander doesn’t make allergies like other cats) 

Are we gluttons for punishment or what?