Info on Huckabee??

I have several friends that are Mike Huckabee supporters, I like Mike too; however…. In case you haven’t seen this, I thought I’d try to post the link.  Please if my links aren’t working let me know.  I’m not totally sure I’m doing it right. 

Here’s the link. 

Honestly, Phyllis Schlafly isn’t one of my favorites, but she seems to know what she’s talking about in many things… makes ya wonder

(addendum:  I do like Mr. Huckabee and have for a long, long time… this is just information I ran across that I found interesting)

jh Says:

I am not speaking for the Huckabee campaign but personally Phyllis Schlafly has been ot to lunch for some time. As the spam email and conspiracy theories I get from her various groups show me on a weekly basis.

Anyway I am commenting on this piece. However I do urge all people to read this post by an Arkansas journalist that rebuts all this nonsense