Shane Left Me!

Tomorrow marks the one year anniversary of Shane travelling to Liberia to bring home Sweet Cheeks.  I can hardly believe that it has been that long.  It seems like yesterday that we were waiting, and waiting and waiting for her passport.  She is walking, talking and has much longer hair than she had when she arrived in the U.S.  She even has a little belly on her and she has a behind.  (I can’t link to the post that I wrote when she first came home, but suffice it to say her behind was non-exsistent).  Amazing to think about how healthy she is when she was so unhealthy just a few short months ago.  You see for those that don’t know, SC weighed 6 1/2 pounds when she was six months old.  She was basically a skeleton with skin.  (You’ll have to go back to to read through the entries about her since I can’t move them here).  You would not know it to look at her now.  She eats everything under the sun now.   

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