Would you believe?

Would you believe that I’m going to move this blog again??? I have found another homeschool blogging site (yippee!) and it uses wordpress, so I won’t have to learn another blogging tool and I can have the same girly background, etc.  that I have here.  I will leave this blog here for a while to make sure HSJ will work and that everyone has plenty of time to follow me.  I will also post it on HSB when I am able.  I was so excited this a.m.  I was able to get on HSB and move (copy and paste) some of my oldest entrys to wordpress and it was so easy to move them to HSJ from here. I know this moving thing is a pain, but please bear with me.  If I had my choice I’d have never moved.  Hmmm… don’t have to wonder why my children don’t like change, do ya?  Here is the link again, in case I didn’t get it right the first time.  http://homeskoolmom.homeschooljournal.net/