Teaching Children Creation is Abuse????

Ken Ham recently blogged about an interview he did with NPR about the Creation Museum.  Apparently his opponent, Dr. Nicholas Money from Miami University in Ohio is “proud of the fact that I am an ape”  Please listen to the sound file if you don’t believe it.  Dr. Money actually then goes on to talk about how it is a “beautiful and rich view of life” (being an ape, that is).  Amazing…

Here is a quote from Mr. Ham’s website. “Now, keep in mind, that in the early part of the interview he said that the Answers in Genesis Creation Museum is abusive towards children, because he said we were teaching error. ” 

This is the point I wanted to get to.  Teaching Creation Science is ABUSIVE??? Actually, I’d say teaching that one is formed by random chance from an ape is moreso.  It teaches children that there is no reason to believe that they are “fearfully and wonderfully made.” It gives no value to human life and no “esteem” Which is why we have people walking around in our cities with such wonderful “self” esteem  and 7 year olds are committing suicide. 


One thought on “Teaching Children Creation is Abuse????

  1. What sticks out more to me is when he says we are “teaching error.” Ummm… this evolution “theory” really has ZERO scientific evidence to support it. I really hate it when so called “scientists” (and I use that term very loosely) state certain things as fact without actually following any sort of scientific method to back it up. Grrr…


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