The Lost Coin and an Earring

I sit here praising God the Father for caring about the little things.  Sweet Cheeks came home nearly a year ago (Shane was in Liberia this very night last year). 

One, if not the last, gift her birthmother gave her was pierced ears.  She has pretty gold earrings.  When she came home, she was so tiny that the earrings were all people saw.  In fact, it was oftentimes one of the first comments.  “Oh her ears are pierced”  Tonight, while finishing up dinner Shane says “one of her earrings is missing”  What?? Yes, in fact the earrings that her foster family told Shane never come out did in fact, come out tonight.  I immediately thought of the woman that lost her coin and how she swept her house and searched diligently to find it.   

We found the back relatively quickly.  But the earring itself… I was afraid we’ve never find.  I prayed as I walked barefoot, hoping to feel something sharp in my foot.  “God you know where this earring is, you know how important it will be to SC’s in the future.  You know it is the only thing from her birthfamily, save a picture of her with her birthmother, that we have from them. ”  “Lord please…”  Shane got out his metal detector.  In one spot it went off pretty good, but we didn’t find it.  He got out the vacuum cleaner with a pair of pantyhose over the end of the tube and started vacuuming.  I sat down, praying again…”Please Lord let us find this earring” I look down and there it was shining at me.  I hesitated to believe it was really it, until I got closer and knew for sure.  “I found it” “praise God” It was very near where the metal detector was going crazy.   God is so good.  The woman found her coin and we found SC’s earring. 
Praise be to God!


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