Creation Museum Meets 1st Year Goal in 5 Months

Check this out.  From Ken Ham’s blog…

On Friday, the Creation Museum total attendance since opening week
reached over 250,000. This was reached in just over 5 months! The
prediction given to the media was 250,000 for the first year! We praise
the Lord for this. I still remember the mocking of certain people in
the secular world that the Museum would fail as people would not be
interested–and some in the Christian world who said it would be a white

I, for one, am so grateful for this ministry and am praising God for all the wonderful things He is doing through AIG and the Creation Museum. 


One thought on “Creation Museum Meets 1st Year Goal in 5 Months

  1. Back on? I had to see it to believe it! I've missed you!!!

    The Creation Museum is definitely on our list of places to must-see. I'm so thankful that they've reached their goal in such a short period of time. I doubt the media would make a big hoopla about it though. Too bad they (as in liberal media) only care to report the bad things around us… not the good, encouraging, noble things.


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