Guess What???

I have been able to get back on at HSB.  Yippeeeee!!!!!  I really like the community that HSB has to offer.    Yesterday, I tried turning the accelerator off and I got on HSB several times.  I signed on this morning and no go, but then turned off the accelerator again and I’m back on.  If you have found me on wordpress, please follow me back to HSB.  If you have followed my from HSB to WordPress, please follow me back to HSB. 

PLEASE believe me, moving my blog was NOT my idea! I do not like change at all.  I am perfectly content to never change my blog home, although I might change my background at some point, but not home.  (I am perfectly content with the house we live in, but I might put some new paint on the walls every now and then) Of course, I’ll keep this blog open in case I have problems again.  And I’m going to be working on saving my entries (all almost 2 years worth) on the computer too.


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