This morning I signed on, the accelerator started and HSB didn’t come up.  I turned off said accelerator and here I am again!   So, logical conclusion… it’s the accelerator!  So I’M BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I am movin the entries  I posted at wordpress back here.   I will say there are some advantages to wordpress that aren’t possible here, (like multi-categories on an entry and spellcheck) but the tradeout is worth it.  Unless anyone can tell me how to have a wordpress blog on HSB????? 

Please read and PRAY, PRAY, PRAY!!!!!!!!  Some of our very close friends have been turned in, and investigated by CPS.  Many of the allegations are false and totally fabricated in the mind of a 12 year old that has been in counseling himself for many years because of issues he has had!!!  The one "true" allegation involves spanking one of their children with a plastic coat hanger that broke.  My goodness, I’ve hung a heavy skirt on a cheapy plastic coat hanger and it broke! 

Please trust me, this family could never abuse their children.  Their children are their number one priorty.  I have had occasion to interact with them on many occassions. 

They have a court date for November 19th.  The state wants mandated "services" (i.e. reprogramming classes) this would involve at least 6 months of said "services" They have offered to voluntarily go to classes, but the workers said "oh, you need more than that" Please pray that the truth would be evident to the judge and these trumped up charges would be dismissed, so they can get on with their life and with taking care of their family!