He’s Reading!!!!

Over a year ago, we started trying to teach Little Bit how to read.   No success.  It wasn’t because he couldn’t, it was because he wouldn’t.  He was ready, but he had to be in control of something… you see we had stripped away several things that he used to be in control over, and reading was the one thing that we couldn’t "force" him to do.  Some days he would read, other days, many others he would pitch at 2 year old tantrum while Shane and I struggled to get him to say a word we knew he knew.  Sometimes in the very beginning, we would be frustrated because we knew what he was doing, but there was nothing we could do about it. 

Fast forward this summer.  Little Bit wanted free books from the library program.  He had to do reading before we would read a book to him.  Princess and Bubba both finished 5 lists and got the "big" prize.  And he was left out, and was feeling it something awful too.  I think he ended up getting 2 books.  Sweet Cheeks even got one book so he didn’t do so hot. 

Shane and I sat down trying to come up with something… we decided to change our tactic.  Princess learned reading from the old Hooked on Phonics… the boring, expensive one (we found used).  Shane told me to get that one from the library and on days when he wouldn’t do his assignment, he was to sit in front of that for the alotted reading time.  (He turns 7 this year, and I legally have to start keeping records and logging the hours this year).  While I was at it, I got the new and improved version of HOP.  Would you believe LB loves it!!!!  In the beginning, I think it was because I wasn’t "teaching" him, the lady on the CD was, but who cares… now he asks to do reading almost every day.  Oh there are still setbacks and days where he decides he wants to control again.  But reading is not a battle like it was before. 

Here he is doing his lesson yesterday…


2 thoughts on “He’s Reading!!!!

  1. HOORAY!!! That is GREAT!

    I say whatever works. I also think one of the reasons why my boys like math so much (and so do *I*) is because I don't teach them. Steve Demme (Math-U-See) does!

    When our boys finally learned to read and write, they were gifted with two things: their very own wallet AND their own library card. Talk about incentive!


  2. That's wonderful news! It always amazes me what kids will dig their heels in about.

    Have a blessed day!


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