One Year Ago TODAY!

I can’t believe it’s been a year ago today that Sweet Cheeks came home from Liberia.  This time last year there were sleepless nights, checking American Airlines flight schedules to see where Shane and SC were and if they had made their flights.  (they almost didn’t at O’hare).  There was getting the 4 of us at home ready to drive to St. Louis to pick them up at the airport.  There was excitement…

Oh, SC’s was so very tiny in the snuggli as Shane walked out of the hallway with her.  He cries were so quiet.  She was so precious. And looked so fragile. The first night home I gave her her bottle in the night.  We weren’t sure she’d take it from me, but she did and I also got my first smile from her. 

One year later, she is such a joy.  The medical problems we thought she’d have are virtually non-exsistent.  (she does have a little cold right now).  She is wearing the appropriate size clothes for her age.  She walks, she wasn’t even sitting on her own when she came home.  She wears her cute little glasses (when she can leave them alone).  She waves the "princess" way.  No flapping arm wave for her, a gentle turn of the wrist. She plays jokes, like giving us her bottle and then takes it back.  (she still takes a bottle at night). She still gets that panicked, I’m hungry and can’t eat cry at times.  Although for being almost starved, she’s very picky about what she wants to eat… if it’s not what she wants, she won’t eat it.

She talks and talks… and she sings.  Well, she hums.  "What a Fellowship" and "Children of the Heavenly Father" (our Ambleside hymn for September we learned),  are her favorites for now. 

Baby girl, I’m so thankful for you in our lives.  What a joyful child you are.  You are such fun and make every day an adventure.  We love you!!


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