Prayer Please!!!!!!!! Homeschooler Missing

I was all set to write about my weekend, but I got online and this is definately more pressing.  PLEASE pray for these two situations. 

In my inbox were 2 emails about things that need prayer.  Here is the email from my mil. 

Attention Homeschoolers,

A member of our senior class, Daffny Velder, left her house yesterday
afternoon to walk her dog. Her dog returned alone within 30 minutes.
They have called her friends and neighbors. She’s not answering her
cell phone, but her parents aren’t sure she has it with her. Yes, the
police have joined the search.

Click on the following link for pictures of Daffny:

If you have any information that might be helpful, call Carol O’Larte
at (816) 779-4127. The Velders would like to keep their phone open
for the police.

Please pray for Daffny and her family!

Then, my sil, emailed and told us about a young man’s dad that was shot in the Oklahoma City area this weekend.  Shane’s sister teaches in one of the schools in OK City.

just recieved news about one of my students and I am absolutely heartbroken. I can’t share his name but I ask that you please please pray. This is a good christian family and the student is loved by all. He is great! This is his senior year.

Saturday evening his dad was shot and killed as he was working his job as a security guard for a security company which he owned. This student was very close to his father. I knew his father and was very impressed by his love for his son, his dedication to God, and his love for this country. This students future was in his father’s belief in him and willingness to help him along the way.

This is a devistating blow to anyone, but because of this young man’s situation, it will be more so to him. Please pray for this student and his family. Pray also for those at the school that they will be able to uplift and support this family.


2 thoughts on “Prayer Please!!!!!!!! Homeschooler Missing

  1. Will pray. We had a missing child this weekend, too. Don't want to share the whole story online, but he was gone for 4 hours. Scary.

    Blessings ~ Diane


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