Funnies on Monday

I know several people do "Friday funnies"  but I missed Friday last week, and I’ve been savin these. 

**Shane’s annual tradition is to take each child out Christmas shopping and to dinner.  He actually took Sweet Cheeks with Little Bit Tuesday night too.  They went to a nearby Dollar Tree.   Remember white guy, 2 black children.  Black dude working in store starts visiting with Shane.  "How many children you got?"  "4" "Do they all… um… well… umm… are they all black?"  (amazing that a black dude can’t even figure out how to ask about our black children).  Anyway, then he asks about where they came from (pretty typical) until he hears that LB came from New Jersey, and they were born in the same hospital.  He then turns to LB and starts talkin "hey man, you from Jersey I’m from Jersey too"  "gi me some skin"  etc.  Notice, he didn’t talk jive with the white dude, only with the black kid. 

**Bubba wants to write a book called "Bubba’s Proverbs for Parents"  One of the proverbs:  Never leave your children in the car with the keys, or else you’ll have to say "open the door great and mighty one" before the children will let you in. 

**Princess was talking to Shane while he was fixin breakfast the other day.  She concluded that we are a weird family… because we have 4 children…  (if you don’t get that, read #1 again). 


3 thoughts on “Funnies on Monday

  1. Let me in oh great and mighty one before you're grounded until you're 35! (Which is, of course, an ETERNITY… my kids would shudder at the thought!) 🙂


  2. Oh, my goodness! I have TOTALLY missed your blog! This is my third comment.

    "… great and mighty one." THAT IS HYSTERICAL! Hug Bubba for the stranger typing this, ok? TOO FUNNY!

    If we ever meet, I'm totally saying to you, "Gimme some skin," just b/c we're white and it would be fun to say.

    Many blessings,


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