More On Coconut Oil

Christi asked some questions about coconut oil, I was going to post a comment on her blog but it got too long.  So here it is:

Coconut oil does not smell like the beach when you cook in it.  Depending on the brand, it can have a mild to moderate coconut taste and smell.  The Nutiva has a mild flavor and smell.  I have been buying Lou Ana at Walmart for sometime, but only using it for popcorn– it has no flavor or smell but is a lower grade oil.   What I didn’t mention is that it is also good for the skin, and as deodorant too. I’ve been washing my face with it for a couple of weeks and it feels great.  Using it for deodorant works pretty well, but not too good on Thanksgiving day 🙂  I’ve been using it on my chocolate children and it works wonderfully.  A very light layer works wonders for dry skin.  I have been using it as a deep conditioner on everyone’s hair for some time and it works great. 

Also, I did not mention the other claims, like lower heart disease, balances moods, Crohn’s disease, hypothyroidism, etc, etc, etc.  Oh, one other thing, it is a solid until (I think) 76 degrees then it turns liquid. 

Coconut flour is very expensive.  (nearly $7 for one pound at Nature’s Pantry) But it you need to eat gluten free, it can be a nice treat to eat things you normally can’t.  Don’t know how it tastes, or smells yet but will be working with it this afternoon, so I’ll post my results. 

BTW, coconut flakes and coconut milk are also supposed to be good for you too.


2 thoughts on “More On Coconut Oil

  1. I mix coconut oil with a little cornstarch or arrowroot powder to make a great butt cream for diaper irritation. I also use it for dry skin/rashes etc. We like a small dollop (without the cornstarch!) in our smoothies!



  2. You're going to get me on a coconut kick, girl! I'll have to check out the oil… even if it's just for curiosity's sake!


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