What I’m Reading and doing lately

Since I can’t/don’t or won’t figure out how to put what I’m reading in the sidebar, I thought I’d share here.  Of course that way I can make comments along the way too.  Which is GREAT because there are some great things I am reading. 

First, Passionate Housewives Desperate for God.  Yes, this is the new "everybody’s reading it"  but it is soooooooo good.  I ‘ve been reading a few pages every morning along with renewing my Nancy Campbell study on Motherhood.   I’m only on chapter 3, but let me tell you in great big words: 


Second, Third, Fourth and Fifth.  I’ve been reading about how GOOD coconut oil is for you.  The Miracle of Coconut Oil by Bruce Fife.  Tells how the American Soy Association campaigned against coconut oil many, many years ago.  How coconut oil isn’t absorbed as much as the vegatable oils when frying with it, and many other good tidbits.  Eat Fat to Lose Fat by Mary Enig and Sally Fallon.  Is a great read on coconut oil too.  They recommend melting a tablespoon of coconut oil in hot tea and sipping it about 20 minutes before you eat.  And finally Eat Fat to Look Thin by Bruce Fife.  This book has several testimonials from people who just added coconut oil to their diet, didn’t over eat and lost weight.  All three of these books have been great reads and very, very informative.  And if your interested throught the end of the month Amazon is offering a $10 discount on Nutiva coconut oil and as usual free shipping.  That means you can get almost a gallon of coconut oil for less than $35.00. 

Now for any of you that are gluten intolerant.  Have you ever tried coconut flour????  We attend a small church (60ish) and have 3-4 people that are gluten intolerant. (interesting huh?)  Cooking with Coconut Flour   again by Bruce Fife.  One of the young ladies is coming for dinner Thursday night and I’m excited to try some chocolate chip cookies out on her. (Of course I had her check the recipe to see if there was anything I was missing that could have had gluten in it).  Amazingly enough some soy sauces have gluten. 

Lastly, I started reading Arthur Pinks The Attributes of God today.  I’ve just read the first chapter.  Very short, but I’m expecting great things. 

Now for what I’ve been doing.  ALOT of crocheting!  I’ve been making hats and dishcloths like there’s no tomorrow.  It started as gifts for the women in our lives with the dishcloths.  Then Sandi (titus2woman) linked to some really cute hats, one she made for Hazel.  So I made one for each of our girls, for my Christmas eve gift,  and then one for my Mom.  I’m also working on some skull caps for the boys, then I have brothers, so I thought I’d make some for them too.  They are really easy and only take about an hour or so to make.  I made my Moms while driving around town the day after Thanksgiving.  So easy… pictures will come. 

Shane and I saw Bella the day after Thanksgiving.  Shane’s parents had the children, so it was an almost complete day of just Shane and I.  If you have not seen Bella.  Go and see it.  It is about a single pregnant woman and her decision to keep the baby.  This is not a movie for children. There are a couple of scenes that are intense.   Actually, I can’t believe I’m recommending a PG-13 movie.  But I am.  There is no sexual content.  No, well maybe one curse word, there is what would be labeled as violence (a little girl gets hit by a car and you see the blood on the body and the mother in anguish at her dead child)  Again, it is well worth your money– go see it. 

Well that’s what we’ve been doing around here.  (not to mention the 18 people that we served Thanksgiving dinner to and not only survived but had a great time too.)



2 thoughts on “What I’m Reading and doing lately

  1. Thanks for visiting my blog, Christine. It's great to hear from you again. I know I've been "outta the [blog] loop" for a long time, not posting much, not reading much, not commenting much, but it's still good to hear from old blog buddies.

    I JUST ordered "Housewives Desperately Seeking God"! I had a $10 gift coupon, so I ordered 2, plus free shipping. I can't wait to get mine… and to give the other one to a friend who is preg. w/ baby #2 and thinks she's gonna go insane with boredom staying at home with her 2 kids.

    Coconut oil, eh? But how does it taste? When you cook with it, does it make your whole house smell like you're at the beach? And how does coconut flour smell, taste, and cost? Very cool stuff to think about.

    Many blessings,


  2. I just added Housewives Desperately Seeking God to my wish list!

    That's a great price on the coconut oil! I just went to Amazon, and they're out of stock. I've tried several brands and am very happy with Nutiva, so I'll keep checking!

    We're gluten-free here, and I recently bought Cooking With Coconut Flour. I ordered my flour from Wilderness Family Naturals because they just had a half-price sale on it. They have a lot of information on their website about coconut!

    I use coconut oil on my children's brown skin, too, and I love the way it works, even on my one son who has the dryest skin ever! It also helps his eczema quite a bit. I agree that it's great for hair, too!



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