Too Much Excitement for One Day!

Yesterday was a VERY exciting day.  It snowed Saturday, so we left for church a little earlier than usual.  We returned home and Bubba went to his room.  He came RUNNING out, crying and yelling something.  Daddy finally  understood him to say "Laura is GONE" Laura is his albino pet hamster that he has taken such good care of.  He was devestated!  One of the doors is hard to close tightly and he must have not gotten it closed tightly when he fed her yesterday morning.  So, we started looking.  After a few hours, I got on craigslist to see if there were any available.  Yes, a lady in a neighboring city has several 7 week old hamsters.  Out we went.  We came home with not one, but TWO new hamsters.  I walk into the boys room and what do I see… a little cute white hamster wandering the floor– tried to get her, but she bit me and ran under the dresser.  So now we have THREE!!!! (BTW, if anybody ever talks you into two teddy bear hamsters, be warned, no matter what they tell you teddy bear hamsters CANNOT be housed together). 

**** We have since decided to give one of the new hamsters to Bubba’s newest Uncle to be (Shane’s parents are adopting a 10 year old boy).  ****

A while later Shane goes to close up the chickens.  As he opens the back door, he hears the chickens all worked up, so he goes running.  First he finds one of our favorite hens dead on the ground.  Arie, our green egg layer.  It’s a part of "farm life." As he’s shining his flashlight up he discovers a BARN OWL on top of the nesting box.  Yes, you read that right a BARN OWL!  He runs in for his .22 then as he’s preparing to shoot it, he thinks "I can’t deprive the children of this opportunity" (always the homeschool dad) and comes in to get them out of bed with coats and boots to see the barn owl.  When the children come in, I go out.  This barn owl is HUGE and the eyes… well they’re HUGE too.   I run in for the camera, and here’s the picture:

When Princess is looking, the owl moves.  Now he can’t shoot him because he’d risk hitting our neighbor’s cows or worse…  so Shane and I are standing out there looking at this magnificent creature trying to figure out what to do with him… how do we get him out??? 

I thought maybe the flash would get him from the camera. 

Uh, no. 

Shane tried shooing him out with the handle end of the rake. 

Uh, no. 

Shane decides to risk sending all of the hens out and bangs on the back of the chicken house. 

Success!  Out flies this huge owl– beautiful… now how do we keep him from coming back and killing more chickens????  BTW, no, owl pellets… drats!

Can’t get this experience in the city


One thought on “Too Much Excitement for One Day!

  1. Definitely no advice to offer on that and I'm so sorry about losing your hen, but WOW, that is magnificent!

    Kudos to Shane for the thinking of the kids too. 🙂

    Oh and why is it that the words "albino" and "hamster" together totally crack me up?!


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