Happy Birthday to You

Sweet Cheeks turned 2 today.  It’s hard to believe that our little almost starved baby girl is now 2 years old.  She is absolutely amazing.  Weighs about 32 pounds and is talking and talking and talking.  She repeats about everything that we say.  We’ve been working on "how old are you" "two."  She says "twooo" with a little lilt on the end– so cute. 

She is also such a sweetie.  She almost always has a smile on her face and giggles and giggles and giggles.  And she sings…. 



6 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to You

  1. She is beautiful! Wishing her the happiest birthday ever,

    I also wanted to thank you for posting about Nancy Campbell's acronym J-O-Y. After reading it, I bought an ornament that simply says JOY and hung it on my refrigerator. Now, even the young children know what JOY stands for, and we're all working towards always remembering to put Jesus first, others second, and ourselves last.



  2. Your daughter is precious ! Amazing what the Lord can do in a child's life……. and of course the love of a family!! God is good and adoption is truly a miracle!!

    May the Lord bless you this coming year!

    ~ gloria ~


  3. Do you keep in touch with Kelley Warner and family? I'd like to hear how things are going with the boys?
    Carey, mom to Peter from Liberia


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