I’ve Decided…

I’ve had such a hard time deciding who to vote for in this election. 

I like a lot of what Ron Paul has to say, however, I don’t like that he has support on both sides of the fence.  And he seems like he could be a loose cannon with some of the issues. 

I liked Mike Huckabee although I’m not sure what to think since Spunky’s 3 part series.  I still believe that the Arkansas homeschool laws are better than they were when Huckabee took office as Govenor.  But homeschooling is an issue that’s close to my heart. 

I worked through the candidate calculator and came up with a candidate that has closed up shop since Iowa.  2nd place was Duncan Hunter… had heard the name, but didn’t (and still don’t) know a lot about him.  Seriously, from what I’ve found, I doubt he’ll be in the running very much longer anyway. 

Fred Thompson.  He’s from Tennessee so that ‘s a vote in his favor.  (although I am totally ashamed that Al Gore is also a resident of TN) But, I believe the man has the morals I would like in a President.   I believe that our former President Clinton proved that morality is VERY important when you’re sitting in the oval office.  Yes, I realize that we all make mistakes, and we all sin, but I just don’t think I can get serious about a presidental candidate that has the support and backing of his ex-girlfriends.  The fact that he is married to his second wife isn’t the issue… the idea that he left his first wife and played the field while he was a Senator is part of it. 

Nevertheless,  I have finally decided what to do…  I going to to let my husband tell me how to vote.  Honestly, I just don’t think I can make an educated informed decision and I’m using up a lot of my energy  that I could be using for so many more important things, like my husband and children,  trying to decide. 

I’m sure many of you won’t agree, but I sometimes think it would be much easier if it were still as it was many years ago where the men voted for the family.  Think about it… as women, we are easily decieved, we let our emotions get in the way, and we look at what the candidate looks like instead of on what really matters.  (Didn’t a great percentage of women vote for Mr. Clinton based on his looks?)  Most men can look at the issues, look at the candidate and make an informed decision. 

Of course I can’t imagine that many women (or men for that matter) would vote for Hillary based on her looks? 



3 thoughts on “I’ve Decided…

  1. I agree with you about the voting thing, though I'm sure most women would take it like a slap in the face. I pay attention to the candidates and the issues as much as time allows, but in the end, my DH is more educated on the candidates than I am and I vote for whoever he's voting for. Otherwise we would be a house divided, my vote canceling his vote. I used to do that, but then I realized that I was not respecting his authority or supporting his decisions. As far as Huckabee is concerned, my husband is my head, not Spunky. =) Yes, definitely vote for whoever your husband says to vote for.

    Blessings ~ Diane


  2. Interesting…

    While I personally have absolutely no problem with my husband telling me who I should vote for, it is the opposite in our house. *I* usually have more time to research and really look at the candidates. Besides, we do totally trust each other (my hubby and I, not the candidates! hehehee) and think alike on almost all issues. There are a few things in life that we have agreed to diagree– but nothing major.

    But I do have to agree, women are generally more deceived… and they are so deceived by <i>other</i> women! Oi. Don't even get me started!!!

    As to voting for Clinton for his looks?! ICK!!! I have always thought he looked like a pasty white dirty old man. And that was before the whole Lewinsky thing. Blech!


  3. I totally agree with the whole women are emotional and get deceived. And I totally agree with the voting for who your hubby says to vote for. We do that, for several reasons. First, he has the time and the interest to research and make a good decision. Second, he is the leader and I will follow him. And third, if I vote against who he votes for I am canceling his vote and we aren't standing as a family trying to make a difference. So…more power to you! You made a good choice!


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