I Bet That’s Not in the Budget

As I was reading through drudge on google reader today, (I am trying to catch up and am sorely behind).  I saw an article about McDonald’s new interest in fancy coffee.  Apparently offering premium coffees  isn’t enough.  They have had these for some time.  And have even been offering a small mocha on Mondays for FREE in our area.  (not sure if they’re still doing that).  They have since decided to lodge an all out competion with Starbucks.  The article  mentioned in passing that the average New Yorker spends a whooping $633 a YEAR on their Starbucks cup of Jo.   Yikes!  $2.11 doesn’t sound like much, but it sure adds up doesn’t it?  Folks, that’s nearly one cup of specialty coffee each day of the year.  That’s more than our home phone costs each year– for ONE cup of coffee a day. 

We do treat ourselves occassionally, but we aren’t particularly fond of Starbucks,   We like this really nice little shop right off the highway in Lee’s Summit, MO called P.J’s Grind.  It’s ran by a couple of sisters that are just as sweet as can be.  They make great coffee and are much more reasonably priced than Starbucks.  Sad to say, they have started closing at 6 instead of 8, so we can’t get our Wednesday evening "wake us up for Bible study" dose of caffine. 

Oh well, probably better for us anyway… and definately easier on the pocketbook.