The Winter Blah’s

It’s been a while.  Seriously, I’m not sure if it’s because I have the winter blahs or just because we’ve been busy with other stuff.  Last week it was neither, it was because everyone in the family, except Little Bit had the stomach flu.  Even Shane–who NEVER gets sick stayed home from church a week ago and I tredged out with the entire clan.  

Would you believe in the middle of it all fell Little Bit’s 7th Birthday! January 12th.   I made a honeybun cake (delicious, found the recipe at


  I have several things I have thought about writing, but none seem like "important" matters.  So here are the Campbell’s soup versions:

I have been reading blogs, just not commenting very often. 

We have a firm time to travel to E. TN in February to visit my family.  But even more exciting is the fact that we’re going to get to spend a day with Sweet Cheeks Liberian foster family while they’re in the states on furlough.  I don’t think they’ll even recognise the walking, talking, extremely active ball of sweetness, she’s grown so much in the last year.   Nancy’s sister happens to live about 30 miles outside of Knoxville, hence the reason for going in February and not June or July or even May (when the dogwoods bloom) this year.  Sometime we’ll see the beautiful dogwoods again…

I think God is wanting to teach me contentment and how to keep my big mouth shut.  Oh the trials of being different, even in a place where you think you’re going to belong, there’s the lady with one nearly grown child that acts like she doesn’t even want the sweet daughter that she has, there’s the "agreeing to disagree" there’s the feeling stupid when you know you’re not. There’s the do you sacrifice your convictions because no one is understanding anything in the class (even your very smart, theologically minded husband) and put the children in Sunday School?  But this is where God has planted us, there’s no other option at this time, and even if there was, would it be any better???  And it could very will be much, much, much worse.  Without a church that understands the dynamics of a family-integrated church, it wouldn’t be any better.  So, I will be content, I will be content, I WILL be content.  Even if it kills me!

Princess and I went thrift shopping Saturday.  As we were checking out the clerk told me about their MLK sale on Monday, I commented that we’d be working on schoolwork then, turns out that this young lady was homeschooled "for a couple of years, but liked the public school better"  to bad my brain didn’t click in with some wise (not wisecrack, but truly wise) comment for this young lady. 

4-H looks to be promising this year.  Princess and Bubba are both signed up for cake decorating and want to enter at the fair.  We’ll see, so far Bubba’s decorating abilities look like a little pile of green doggie doo.  But he likes to eat the icing. 

Bubba got a new hamster cage yesterday from a sweet fellow homeschooling lady that we had bought Laura’s first cage from a few months ago.  Her emails kept bouncing, so we went on a mission after church (just how many people named brenda, and live in a small town can have hamster cages listed on craigslist anyway?)  We took a chance, Shane remembered the house and knocked on the door.  Sure enough it was her, and the cage we wanted was still available.  We had a good laugh and  Laura has a nice "new to us" 3 story cage that she seems to love. 

Fletch  stole my idea about blogging about how ridiculous people can be about animals.  Although he did miss one very important aspect.  There are people out there that will stick their nose into your "doggie business" that have no business sticking their nose into it.  And quite honestly, many of these people end up making themselves out to be the foolish people they are when they do it.  (get it, got it, good)

And one more thing I’ve been thinking… blogging awards.  Who needs them, I’m not here to people please, I’m here to journal and get my thoughts on "paper"  As a reader, you get some insight into my deranged mind… if you like what you see, good.  If you don’t, oh well.  I’m not here to people please, I’m here to God please.  Sometimes I fail, yes, we all do, it’s called sin.  Sometimes I just do stupid stuff.  But my goal is not a blogger award it’s the heavenly reward someday…


3 thoughts on “The Winter Blah’s

  1. Hope you all get over the crud and the blahs soon.

    I don't know if you feel the same about tags as awards, but I randomly picked you for a tag I just did. If you just want to write about something fun or want an idea to blog about … drop by for the details.



  2. Happy 7th Birthday to your little man!!!

    I'm sorry you're feeling so blah. I am so thankful that even when we are up and down in our moods and attitudes, that God is consistent! We've had weeks of rain and I am so ready for some sunshine!

    I hope everyone gets well very soon. It is so hard to get out of a rut when everyone is ill, especially when it's the stomach kind of ill– yuck!

    As to the blogging awards and such, I blog to journal my life and thoughts and to share with friends and family what my kids are up to (very necessary since my memory is TERRIBLE!). I'm still surprised that anyone would care to read, let alone comment.

    Oh and the girl who liked public school better than homeschooling? I suppose it all depends on why you're homeschooling in the first place! Personally, my kids don't have a choice in where they school, but they do have a choice in the attitude they have towards it!

    Anyhoo, have a great weekend!


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