This is one of those ranting entries that I probably shouldn’t be writing but will anyway for now… maybe to be deleted later.  Who knows! 

My brother got a Pitbull puppy a few months ago.  My mom was NOT excited about it at all.  We talked and I explained that the children would not be able to be around the dog at all, and could not come over while the dog was there without Shane or I being there.  She understood (or so she said) and she actually began the conversation that way. 

Fast forward, leaving a week from Friday for a visit….

I called Saturday to give her some details of the trip, then "the dog" topic came up.  I told her again, but backpeddled and said I’d talk to Shane. 

Called her yesterday and told her the children could not spend the night if the dog was there… got a wonderful email this morning (hear the sarcasm in my voice?)

"I was suprised" I don’t understand…. there’s a gate, there’s a locked door, he’d only go out to potty, guess they can’t spend the night… and of course… it’s MY fault…

This wouldn’t be an issue, except that it happens quite often.  She changes her mind and then I get the blame.  It happens more often, but another instance occurred several years ago that she didn’t understand either…

This same brother (19 years difference) was on drugs several years ago and tried to kill my mom one afternoon.  And she didn’t understand why a several months later we wouldn’t let our children spend the night when he was in the house.  Don’t tell _______ don’t want to hurt his feelings.  (WHAT ABOUT MY FEELINGS???????????)  guess they don’t matter!

It’s called responsibility and protecting our children.  Yea, I know somebody reading this might even have a great Pitbull, but I’m not taking any chances with my children! Especially now since I have a 2 year old that pulls tails, smacks at and pokes eyes of our Choco Lab.  Yes, I guess the dog would be in another room, but don’t care… these children are more precious to me than a dog. 

I shot an email back… not the nicest one I ever sent, but you can’t be nice with her and it get through her head. 

Looks like we won’t be spending any time with her… honestly I’m okay with that, it means ALOT less stress in my life!