Hillary’s “Quivering Lip”

We’re all home today, sick with the flu (okay, SC’s and I don’t have it, but we didn’t want to risk infecting anyone at church if we’re carrying it) so we’re home today.

Bill had the "quivering lip" and people bought it.  Hillary turns on the tears and people buy it.  And her tears are news.  I put it right up there with the list that Fletch had the other day… with Brittany Spears. 


I am a bit surprised at the people that claim Christ that are comfortable voting for her though.   The sone of the one neighbor we have that will talk to us,  came over to play yesterday and was so proud that his Mom voted for Hillary.  Maybe I shouldn’t have but I put a bug in his ear.  I’m going down a bunny trail, but this was interesting too.  This kid seemed to be very proud that he is "African-American"  I asked…"so your birthfather was from Africa?"  He didn’t quite know what to say and stumbled until he finally said "well, no."   So I continued and stated that I don’t go around saying that I’m "german, polish, english, etc. American"  I’m just American.   And that the only people I know that could truly claim to be "African-American" are those I know that came from Liberia (my daughter included).  Hopefully, this bright kid will do some thinking…

back to the previous thought path about the election…

I am also surprised that Christians could support Romney (yes, he’s out of the race now– I’m curious about that myself) but a Mormon is NOT a Christian.  They do not believe in the diety of Christ, among other things…

I am extremely disappointed in this entire election and there are still several months to go… 

McCain is a liberal at heart… no one seems to remember him being considered as a running mate for John Kerry?????????  They only like his stand on the war.  Is that ALL there is to care about??? I think not. 

Where are the conservatives????? 


6 thoughts on “Hillary’s “Quivering Lip”

  1. This election is such a bad one. No matter what happens, it looks like we will end up with a president that most of the country doesn't want in office. I just wish people would wake up and realize what a huge mistake it would be to elect Hillary.

    I hope everyone feels better soon!

    Blessings ~ Diane


  2. I really don't know what to do. There is lots I don't like about McCain. I don't think Huckabee has a chance inless the supdelegates or those commited to Romney go for him. I would REALLY hate to see the democrats in power. I've always voted. I guess I'll just go with whatever Carl thinks.


  3. Well, an election like this was bound to happen. This is what I think:
    Obama is much better than Hilary,
    Romney would have been much better than Obama,
    and McCain is better than Romney. It's a lose-lose situation (unless Huckabee makes it), but some scenarios are better than others. God is in control, even if it does seem like the US is falling apart!



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