On The Road Again

Yes, we are travelling in February.  No, no one’s sick (that is unless you count all the sniffles and coughs going on in this house) no Daddy’s having by-pass surgery (as we travelled in Jan 2 years ago to be with him). 

We get to see Sweet Cheeks foster family!!!!!!  We have a date with them next Thursday in a town near Knoxville.  I am excited beyond words.  I cannot wait to meet them.   And I am excited for them to see SC too.  Would you believe lately we’ve actually had people say how big she looks for just turning 2??? She sure has  come a long way from a 6 month old, 6 pound starving baby girl.  I’ve been working on having her say Miss Nancy and Mr. Mark… it’s funny Mark kind of comes out like "ork"  makes me think of "Mork and Mindy" the old sitcom on TV.  We’ll keep working on it and maybe by next Thursday she’ll have it down…

We are actually taking the long way to Knoxville.  Going to the Creation Museum first (can’t help but think of the Davis’s who we were hoping to meet there later this year) and then to Nashville to spend some time with my Aunt and Uncle.   So if you happen to be at the Creation Museum Saturday and see us, come up and introduce yourself– we’d love to meet you.

The 3 older children are excited.  They get to stay with Gram at a hotel with an indoor pool on Tuesday night.  The short version of the story is, a few months ago my brother, who lives with my Mom, got a pitbull puppy.  We talked then and she was on the same page with us, that the children would not be there if the dog was there.  Recently, she changed her mind… having a hotel room is the only way the children can spend the night with her, so we’ve packed their swimsuits in February.


2 thoughts on “On The Road Again

  1. Sounds like a great trip… especially the Creation Museum. That would be a really fun place to visit! Hope you all make wonderful memories!


  2. I am so not back yet! I am trying though.. I have missed reading your blog and hearing from you. I am trying to browse some of your posts. I pray that the whole family is doing well. I am still overwhelmed with my online activities so I am trying watch out and make sure I don't overstay more than what I planned to do. We are doing a lot better, and I can drive better too =) still no car but we are fine. I am really struggling with my desire to have more babies so.. be praying for me when you get a chance. Hugs…


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