On the Lighter Side

We often have very funny things going on at our house, problem is I’m at that age where I don’t remember these things for very long–either that or my cell phone is frying my brain cells

I’m going to share these before I forget:

Sweet Cheeks has been the ultimate snot factory since about Tuesday.  We were using our book-it coupons Thursday night and she blows these tremendous snot bubbles and then smiles at us.

Since being in a hotel a few nights and at my Dad’s.  The children have been making up funny sayings about the stupid drug commercials that are on every station.  Bubba says "ask your doctor is human puke is right for you"

Saturday morning tradition is that the children come in and tackle Daddy that’s my que to get up.  Princess and Bubba were up (early) before Little Bit came in this morning.  When Little Bit came in, he poked Bubba and points at Daddy and says "should we tackle him?"

Shane’s making his delicious French Silk pies for fellowship meal tomorrow.  Since the older children are outside, he calls me to lick the spoon.  Yummm.  So I give SC’s a bite and another bite and another bite.  Finally, I go back to what I am doing and SC’s is in the kitchen fussing.  Shane says "go get your Momma if you want more" so here she comes,  I play "stupid" and make her work for it.  She turns my chair, tells me "up" while pulling on my skirt.  I stand up.  She takes my finger and leads me to the bowl.  How can I resist–I give her the last two bites.  (One a sidenote: my new red Bosch Universal came Thursday.  I made Serene’s Mayonaise recipe yesterday, but Shane actually used the mixer before I did.  He said it worked great.)

$8 at Walmart for a kite on a windy spring like day– priceless! (Snow’s in the forecast for tomorrow night).