In Germany And America!

I have been saying for sometime that I pray my children do not have to fight the same battle that my husband’s parents fought 20+ years ago.  But articles like this make me fear even moreso.  (Yes, I understand God’s sovereignty, but it can still scare me that my right as a parent can be taken away, just like that, even if it is within the will of the Almighty!)

Panshrmu linked to the article here.  You better go read it, cause it’s coming to your state soon if nothing is done about it!

We have homeschooling friends in CA that have been turned into CPS by "loving" relatives.  The judge ordered "educational evaluations" on the children.  Their social worker, that shows up at any time, and find the house brimming with homemade goodies in the oven, and all the children happy,  was under the impression that they were homeschooling illegally, until they showed her on HSLDA’s website that they fall within the law.  But the evalutions have been ordered.  They are appealing the decision next Monday.  Please pray that they will not have to go down this path too.