Teacher Scandal in Our Small Town

Apparently, while we were making the rounds East and South a couple of weeks ago, a middle school teacher in our small town was discovered to have been involved in porn.  I believe he had a website somewhere with pictures of teenage girls.   Apparently not with any of the 6th grade girls we was teaching (the same age as Princess, btw). 

One lady we go to church with works in the school.  I asked her after service Sunday, how things were going.  And told her I read about it in the paper last week.  She was concerned for the man’s parents.  That is well and good, as aparently they’ve been longstanding members of our community.  She said the children were doing fine.  Then she made the comment that it shouldn’t have been in the paper!!!!!!!!

I said nothing, but inside…. WHAT!!!!!  This is news! This is my (okay, Shane’s) tax dollars paying his salary! You better believe it should have been in there.  Maybe this lady hasn’t heard of freedom of the press???  Amazing!

I’m thanking God more than ever that He has given us the vision to homeschool. 


One thought on “Teacher Scandal in Our Small Town

  1. We have had two days of this subject being front page news also. I don't think our guy was a teacher, but part of large rink throughout the U.S. As you say, another reinforcement of a good choice to keep our children close!



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