The Last Check!!!!!

I was a stupid girl in college.  I took out loans.  Hey, they offered them.  If it was "free" money, right?  WRONG!!!!!! 

We have been working to be debt free ever since we married.  We’ve prayed and prayed to be debt free.  We’ve had plans, and those plans have gone by the wayside.  Laid off from jobs, babies that need homes, cars that quit working, stupid business ventures.  Sometimes life just happens and it can’t be helped. 

But today is monumental.  I wrote the last check to Sallie Mae (if you have loans there run, run run… as fast as you can to some other lender) 


One debt down.  If God blesses our current plan we will be debt free in less than 5 years, or maybe sooner.  (Except for the house).  19 years later…

Oh well, better late than never!


3 thoughts on “The Last Check!!!!!

  1. HOORAY!!! Rejoicing with you, my friend!

    I had college loans too– but they were of the necessary kind– I couldn't have gone to school without them. It took 10 YEARS to pay the mine off! It was like an albatross around my neck. I can only imagine the mongo loans of those with MBAs or higher. Eeek! And I don't even want to think about those poor souls that have loans and no degree to show for it. Ugh. Totally depressing.

    But for YOU! HIP HIP HOORAY!!!


  2. Christine,

    Congratulations! How exciting! I remember only just a few years ago when we wrote OUR last check to Sallie Mae. How excited we were! Getting out of debt is a wonderful, freeing feeling. Again, congrats!

    About your struggles with LB and how that's affected your family: I'm so sorry. I don't really know what to say. One recurring thought I kept hearing in your post was "bitterness." I wanted to encourage you with wisdom that isn't my own, but came from Janice McBride: "Bitterness is like drinking poison… and expecting it to hurt the OTHER person." I don't have any idea if that will help or not, but I thought I would pass it on.

    Sometimes, when we hurt, we just need someone to say, "I hear you." Friend, I hear you. I don't really have words other than that for you. The most pain I've ever really had to suffer through with our kids was when my stepson left us when he was 15. He's 19 now, and we still miss him terribly. The hardest things for me were 1) we planted seeds that didn't sprout in him and – unless those seeds eventually take root – he's a lost soul; and 2) we love him, doesn't he love us, too? That thought really hurts. Love is an action, and he acts not, so he must love not. He has three siblings here; don't they mean anything to him? It's frustrating. I mean, we did the best we could, being the non-custodial parents, to "raise him in the way he should go," but now that he's old, he has clearly departed from it. He doesn't even call us. In May it will be one year since my hubby even heard his voice.

    But to experience continued rage from a YOUNG child, I can't imagine. I'd love to meet him sometime.

    Maybe when you all are in town, we can hang out. I have memberships to the Magic House, the St. Louis Zoo, and the Science Center, so don't you plan on spending a dime to get in to any of those places (though much is free, but the "extra" stuff has admission that the memberships are good for). Of course, since you're coming in the summer-time, we hope to have our butterfly garden in full-swing. I hope your kids like butterflies and caterpillars. So, if you'd prefer a visit at our house, that's great, too. ^_^ Also, if you want to do all the St. Louis touristy stuff just you and your family w/o feeling like you have to hang with the local family, I TOTALLY get that. You just let me know, and I'll gladly share the member cards for you to use at your disposal without us goin' with. ^_^ We're open to whatever!

    Can you tell I'm excited?

    I hope your day is a cheery one. I have to get to homeschooling. Yes, it's Sunday, but we're doing school Sun.-Thur. now. It keeps hubby in-the-know and frees Fridays up for errands, field trips, and make-up work. Saturday is our sabbath.

    Anyway, I should let you go. It was good to hear from you. See you this summer hopefully.



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