WAKE UP CALIFORNIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes! I know I’m screaming.  This is important enough that there better be a lot of people in CA screaming!

I was wrong.  I thought my children would have to battle again what my in-laws fought to have freedom to homeschool.  In fact, it seems that this generation will have to fight the same battle of last generation.

According to Mike Farris of HSLDA on Dobson this morning, 3 judges in a California appeals court have made homeschooling illegal there.  They have stated that homeschooling parents must be certified teachers. If this ruling stands, every homeschooler  in CA will be homeschooling illegally.  Furthermore, as a state that has homeschoolers register, all "big brother" has to do is go to a file and start passing out names.  And out go the social workers and law enforcement officers. 

I believe this is related to the case that I mentioned a few days ago… and now it jeaporizes not only CA, but our entire country… as CA goes so goes everyone else eventually. 

WAKE UP California, or that big yellow school bus is going to come and take your precious babies away!!!!!!!!!

Now, I’m going to say some things that I’m sure to get flamed for saying, but this is MY right you’re messin with, so I’m saying it!

IF you are a homeschooler that has taken your children in and out of government schools–for heaven’s sake decide what you want to do and stick with it!!! You are jeapordizing it for those of us that have STRONG convictions. 

IF you are a homeschooler that uses a charter school, or virtual school– DON’T FOOL YOURSELF! You are not a homeschooler!!!!  You are doing the government’s bidding.  Call yourself what you are!

If you are a homeschooler that utilizes government school sports programs, or labs or other things.  TAKE THEM OUT! If sports are that important to your child, find another way!!!! But don’t jeapordize my right to homeschool my child by telling the government school that homeschooling isn’t enough!

If you are a homeschooler that thinks us homeschoolers need proms, teen gatherings, and other kinds if "socialization" put your children back on that big yellow bus– you’re telling them that all homeschoolers aren’t "properly" socialized.  You’ve defined socialization on their terms, not what true socialization is and have jeapordized homeschooling for the rest of us. 

Now, those in CA PRAY, PRAY, PRAY, and then CALL everyone you can think of from your senators and reps to Arnold himself!!!!!  This ruling MUST, I repeat MUST be reversed! 

The rest of us… PRAY, PRAY, PRAY.  And for those of you that don’t like what I said, it’s because you know I’m right and you’re feeling guilty! Flame away!


5 thoughts on “WAKE UP CALIFORNIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Can't say anything more than it could happen to any state at any time. I put a post up earlier today on my blog about this same issue with a link for people to sign the petition for an appeal the the legal defense group. I hope many homeschool parents will do that!



  2. Couple of things…
    First…Yes…it's an item of concern. Everyone i know has been "protesting" in one way or another. We've contacted our congressman and I've heard from several in formal education environments which have also been contacted. Our voices are being heard politically. Even our local newspaper covered it this morning (with homeschoolers in a positive light for once…).
    Second…this may end up blowing up into a political maelstrom. I realize we live in a liberal state, and this could be a really bad thing. But, don't forget, a lot of liberals like to homeschool. On one side of the homeschooling coin are conservative Christians and on the other side are the liberal hippies that are trying to drop their kids out of the government system as well.
    So, I'm prayerfully concerned, but not ready to move yet…


  3. Especially about the ones that have been dabbling in the government schools for whatever reason. I have blogged about that before. I'm afraid that the "modern" view of homeschooling that includes using government resourses (sports, classes,testing, etc) is one of the catalysts for Big Brother to have reason to feel it can dictate to us.


  4. I have put my children back in this year and must say that as of late (even without having heard about the California controversy) I have been filled with misgivings. I needed to be convicted by your plight…Thank you,


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