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This link is not so exciting as the last one about Chuck Norris.  In fact, it’s quite sad.  Apparently, a private citizen is making a documentary about Planned Parenthood.  A man called to find out how to make a large donation to be earmarked for black women to have abortions because affirmative action was causing problems for his white son, and he wants less blacks to compete with the whites.  Apparently some of these PP workers were just about giddy with having a donation of this type… personally, I am appalled!!!  Where is Jessie Jackson now????????

Shane said he watched about 5 minutes of it and it was enough for him.  I’m on dial up so I honestly haven’t watched it at all yet, but I can trust my hubby to give me accurate facts…

Here it is.


2 thoughts on “One More Link

  1. The mere thought of it turns my stomach. I can't watch stuff like that… Such a hate filled and horrid world we live in– I am so thankful that we have the light of Jesus Christ and the Bible to navigate through all of this ugliness!


  2. May be the same "story" you're referring too. Someone phoned in and the receptionist said they would tag $ with specific requests. His was to kill the black babies. Well, she's now fired. Just makes me sick to think people could be that ignorant!



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