Banana’s at 5 a.m.

A couple of weeks ago Sweet Checks noise was running like Niagra Falls.  When it was apparent it wasnt going to stop by itself, we went to the doctor.  He put her on a very strong antibiotic (our Doc is great, but he does like the new stuff).  This one was Cefaclor.  One of the side effects is diarhea.  (but one of the other side effects is constipation–is that crazy or what???) Inconvienent, but no big deal. right?  Wrong!  It was still going strong several days after we finish the antibiotic.   And poor baby’s bottom… she’s never had a diaper rash, that we know of, until this one and oh it’s been ugly.  Aloe Vera gel seems to be healing it though.

Wednesday we started giving her accidophillis (why didn’t I think of that when it started???).   So I called Doctor.  Talked to the nurse, his daughter.  And then  I talked to him — isn’t that great? And he even gave me his cell phone number and told me to call him this weekend and check in–that’s only part of why we love this doctor).  

Apparently this antibiotic (and some of the other "new and improved" antibiotics, can kill the good flora along with the bad).  Yikes!  Next time I’ll ask if good old fashioned ammoxicillen (Not sure that’s spelled right–remember it’s 5 a.m.)  can work for whatever the ailment is… since we rarely use antibiotics…. maybe?????

So this morning, she wakes up about 4:30, I go over and check on her a few minutes later and sure enough– that smell.  But it’s getting better and after we change her diaper she says "eat, eat" Milk will not do… following the BRAT diet, I say "banana?"  she says, beeeenna"

So, me and 7 others are on HSB right now… me feeding darling SC a banana while typing…

Hopefully we’re going back to bed soon. 


One thought on “Banana’s at 5 a.m.

  1. I hope she is feeling better and that you got some rest! Have you tried some kefir with her?

    Blessings ~ Diane


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