I Can’t Believe I Did That!

I have been drooling over the Dyson vacuum cleaners for probably a couple of years now– I think it started when a fellow blogger had a contest for a free Dyson way back.  I checked them out and they looked really neat, but I could in no way justify spending $500 for a vacuum cleaner. 

A year or 2 ago, we did buy a new vacuum a Bissell Powertrak from Walmart.  It is a good vacuum, but we have a chocolate lab that sheds very, very, very much.  This vacuum clogs and takes forever to take apart, clean and put back together, and it is nearly impossible to get the dog fur out of the tube.  The good ole wire hanger gets a workout about once a month or so… 

So, Shane and I allocate some money each year from income tax to buy that we wouldn’t otherwise buy.  This year, I got $500.00.  I knew I wanted to upgrade my Bosch Compact.   I found a red Bosch Universal for a great price. 

 I have been looking for at the Dysons, thinking that maybe, just maybe if I found one for a good price… I could swing getting a Dyson too.  (I actually had a little more $$ because of some money Shane has been setting aside and from some things I’ve been selling on ebay). 

Would you believe that today I checked Amazon and found 2 different factory reconditioned models for under $300?  The DC17 Animal and the DC 14 Shane and I looked at reviews, accessories, and reviews on several different websites and decided to go with the less expensive DC14.  The only difference we could see in the "animal" and the regular Dyson was a couple of extra tools and some cleaners that we probably wouldn’t use anyway–if you know something we don’t please don’t tell me know šŸ™‚ We also added the 3 year service plan.  Normally we wouldn’t do this, but since it’s factory reconditioned it only comes with a 90 day warranty, and with free shipping, it’s still right at $300.00.  So, my Dyson should be here in the next couple of weeks. 

** On a side note, after I placed the order, I realized that they charged me standard shipping($20), instead of the free shipping for an order over $25.  So, we found a phone number and Shane called.  Funny, the lady’s name that helped him was named Christine and she owns a Dyson that she loves… she said it’s actually fun to vacuum.  Not sure I believe that, but I am a bit surprised that I am excited about getting a new vacuum cleaner. 


One thought on “I Can’t Believe I Did That!

  1. WOOHOOOO!!! I am so excited for you, Christine! I LOVE my Dyson! It is so easy to use, clean and it really stands up to use. After several years, it still has no problems picking up my long hair off the floor. Plus, I can use it to vacuum up my bare floors– and it works better than if I used a broom– you couldn't say that about my old vacuum cleaner!


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