This and That

My Dyson came Thursday while we were gone (of course).  It was sitting on the front deck covered in a plastic trash bag to protect it from the rain.  When I pulled it out of the box, Bubba says "wow, Mom, looks high-tech"  Wowzers!!!!  I vacuumed and I emptied, and I vacuumed and I emptied, and I vacuumed and I emptied.  Oh the dog fur this sucker (yes, pun intended) picks up. 

Sweet Cheeks has had diarhea for almost 2 weeks… the after effects of the antibiotic she was on 3 weeks ago.  We are giving her accidophilis and yogurt.  Called the doctor and… oh I don’t even want to go there with the problems we’ve had trying to get a prescription that works!  It’s gotten better, but not completely gone yet…

I’ve been wanting to paint the bedroom for some time, but didn’t really know what color until I went on my little Jubilee.  The spa was painted this lovely color of green… well I went to Home Depot for paint chips… before we left, I thought I’d look on their $5 shelf and there was the perfect color.  So this weekend I painted.  (I think green must be my new favorite color). 

Our homeschooling friends in CA are back in court today… we’re praying the judge will see how ridiculous this whole case is and throw it out. 

I finally used my Bosch today to make bread… it’s in the oven– it looks like it’s going to be wonderful!  The recipe was so easy, sure hope it’s as good as it looks.

We’re finally at a place that I feel comfortable with our hours for the end of the school year, so we’re still doing our Ambleside readings and Math (and LB will continue reading daily through the summer).

Princess and I are registered for Basic Life Institute the week of the 14th, for the full seminar (I’ve never been to the full seminar– I’m excited). 

One of my best friends lost her Dad last week, he had a stroke and was already in a coma by the time they made it to Houston. 

I have a new brother-in-law.  Shane’s parents adopted a really neat 10 year old boy– fits in the family nearly perfectly.  It was final friday morning.   They picked a new name… sure wish I could tell you.  A lady where they go to church made a t-shirt for him that says "proud to be a __________(insert last name here) on the front and has his new adopted name on the back.  He wore it to court and made a little booklet about how they came to the new name.  Even the judge wanted a copy.