One can grieve many things in life.  Our dear blogging friend Heather continues to grieve the death of her beloved, and will grieve for some time to come. 

I am grieving a different kind of grief.  I’m grieving for the death of a relationship.  A relationship that has never been what it should have been has died.  It actually died a long time ago, I just kept reviving it with life support.  I have finally pulled the plug.  Now the grief begins.

The death of the relationship.

The death of a dream.  Actually, the death of many dreams. 

I have tried for years to keep it alive, but it has been an unhealthy relationship for a very, very, very long time.  In more recent years it has been heathlier than in earlier years, but still unhealthy. 

I have a book requested at the library that I heard about recently concerning grief.  It’s called "Good Grief" it has many postive comments at amazon so I thought it might help me deal with this death…