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Princess and I are attending the full seminar of Basic Life Institute this week.  It is over an hours drive north of the city… we live south.  Two nights already and it has been well worth it.  Princess is excited!!! Last night we woke Daddy up to tell him about it when we got home at nearly 11:30pm.  She is learning so much and she is hearing much of  what we believe from someone other than us.  God is gracing me, mostly, for my lack of sleep… usually I’m a grumpy, grumpy bear. 

This is my 3rd basic seminar, but my first full seminar, the other 2 were condensed versions.  I highly recommend this seminar for anyone that has past issues of rebellion against authority (or present issues of rebellion).  I recommend it for anyone that is harboring bitterness toward others.  I recommend it for anyone.  I always get something new out of each seminar we go to. 

Now, I’m also writing this entry because we have consider ATI cirriculum many, many times.  But we have never stepped out and took the plunge.  We know people who use it.  But we have some concerns.  So, if there is anyone reading this that uses ATI (or used ATI) would you click on the email me link and let me know… I’d like to pick your brain, so to speak. 



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  1. We have attended over 10 basic seminars and even the financial and pastor's seminars. I'm not sure which ones they still do. We haven't been in about 10 years. We attended our first ass young newlyweds and some of the principles we learned have shaped our lives. I think the main thing we learned in the very first one was not to have any expectations of your spouse. If everyone would give all their expectations to God and just be surprised if your spouse does something that you thought was one of his "jobs" then marriages would probably last.

    We tried to sign up for the curriculum, the first year they offered it, but you had to be completely debt free and we weren't( medical bills), so we did not qualify. I wonder if they have slacked up on the requirements?



  2. I have been going to the Basic Seminar every year for the past 4 years, and the CI before that. I am even enrolled in the ATI law school, OBCL. This coming from a soon to be former homeschooler. I am graduating this month, and have never been to government schools.


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