Missing In Action

I have been spending entirely too much time on the computer… and not much to show for it lately…. being on dial up really, really stinks. It takes forever to load pages. 

Shane has a new laptop for his business, but I haven’t even touched it but maybe once.  So maybe I should beg, plead, grovel ask Shane if I can borrow it and find a hot spot when I’m in town to work on some things. 

All of this to say that we are really busy over the next few weeks.  I have been reading blogs, but not leaving too many comments, and I will continue reading them as time allows, but I have to get off my behind and get some things done, so for now I’m taking a mini-blog sabbatical…

See ya soon


2 thoughts on “Missing In Action

  1. Enjoy your sabbatical! I think I'm going to take one next week sometime… this birthday bash stuff is tiring! LOL

    Have a wonderful week and I can't wait to hear from you again– but only after you get your stuff done!



  2. Christine,
    I totally know what you mean about computer time. I need to balance my time a little better. Enjoy your break and post when you can.


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