A Courageous Family

Hello Dear Friends!!!!  I have missed writing.  I have been reading, but not leaving many comments.  We’ve had a busy several weeks.  I am hoping to begin blogging again, but it will be on a limited basis. 

Since I’ve blogged regularly, we’ve had a round of pinkeye, Sweetcheeks has had a mild case of pneumonia and have gone to "School Day at the K" to learn about weather from the local Fox station and watch the KC Royals play in addition to many other activities. 

We also had some VERY SPECIAL VISITORS in our home this last week.  The Davis family spent about 1 1/2 days with us, and we sure wish it could have been longer, but we were grateful for the time we had with this precious family.  First thing on the agenda was getting their 30 foot camper and 15 passenger van stuck in our yard  at my suggestion.  (yes, laugh we did) and a friends Ford 350, yes, laugh some more, what else is there to do?  We met the friendly neighborhood tow truck driver and he pulled everyone out… we have some interesting yard art now… (I did not realize that it had rained that morning, and thought the ground was dry enough to turn the camper around to be facing out… boy was I wrong!!!!).

Thursday we went downtown to the Liberty Memorial.  It is the only dedicated World War I museum in the country.  All we could say was WOW!!!! It was fabulous.  If you’re ever in the Kansas City area GO! Hey, if your ever in the KC area, email me and we can get your camper stuck in our front yard to lol!  Seriously, we have plenty of room… come on!  We went a few years ago before they opened most of the museum, but since then they have added so much.  Many artifacts, mock trenches (heartwrenching to think about men dying there) and fabulous information. 

After we were done, we went to Zarda BBQ.  This is our 2nd favorite BBQ restaurant in KC.  The first is Jack Stack, but it is a bit pricey for 13 people. 

I HAVE to tell you about this marvelous family.  They are a courageous family.  I was listening to Bott Radio Network on my way to get milk today and the Pastor was talking about courage.    He talked about Esther.  I could not help but think of the Davis family.   Heather, is left without a husband and 6 darling children, is facing her fears and continues moving forward.  Oh they miss Eric terribly, but they also know that they must continue in this life.  All of the children are great but Goose totally impressed me.  He is the "driver" and Boo substitues when Goose just has to sleep.  Funny though he is all about driving when he’s behind the wheel, responsible and mature, but then when he’s done, he knows how to have fun.  After we realized we weren’t going to get the camper/van out of the yard without help,  He gets out of the van and proceeds to run all over the back yard, playing with the younger children, laughing and having a great time.  They play an assortment of make believe games including WWI with swords (okay, sticks) and he has his own very cool set of army men that he shared with Little Bit while they were here.  Very neat young man… I’m trying to think of an incredible covanental Presbyterian young lady that would make him a wonderful wife in a couple/few years.   Brown Sugar and Sweet Cheeks made fast friends as did Daisy and Princess, and Little Cowboy and Little Bit (isn’t that funny?) did the same.  The children all played well together and we greatly enjoyed visiting with Heather and the children.

I have decided that we need about 100 acres and all of these great friends from all over need to come and make their homes here… how fabulous that would be. 

The only picture I took of their visit.. before they left.  Hey Goose– there’s still wood to be split– ya’ll have to come back hahaha 🙂



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  1. Oi! I hate getting stuck in the mud… we had that problem ALL the time at our last house.

    What a blessing to have such encouraging friends with such JOY.


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