What is Hotlined???

Liz asked what being hotlined means.  The short answer is Child Protective Services way of violating our Constitutional rights to face our accusers.  Anyone can annonymously "hotline" anyone else without giving any identifying information… that means a disgruntled ex-spouse, a child that convinces a teacher at government school, or anyone else.  That also means the person doing the hotlining can be deranged and it doesn’t matter.  We personally know some people that this happened to.  The state believed a messed up 12 year old and our friends went through an investigation and court dates while the state could not prove abuse, they still wanted jurisdiction of the children (yes, follow the money…that’s where it goes).  Lots of children, not in the system, being homeschooled, lots of money for the state. 

Back over the winter, one of our children was on our porch in the cold because he had pitched a major fit.  Someone driving by saw and called the Sheriff, the deputy "could not" tell us who had called… so much for our Constitutional rights….


One thought on “What is Hotlined???

  1. Sadly, this happens more than we think. It is awful, and frightening for a mom, especially who homeschools! CPS does more harm than good, in my opinion. We recently had a son who was hit in the chest by another child who was throwing a baseball and it knocked our son out. My son wouldn't come too and so I called 911 — not only did the paramedics come but the police! All I could do was pray that the Lord would let them now that nothing wrong happened. After checking things out they left. It is awful and yes I have expierenced family members who have accused me of being "abusive" because I discipline my children! It is awful what is going on! I know that there are some cases where real abuse is going on, but more often than not CPS oversteps their boundaries!



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